Unearthing Understanding

As the conduit between brands and their customers, we dig into framing the right questions, finding the right audience, uncovering meaningful insights.

The value of a well-honed plan

Our mission is simple – to help brands understand why their customers do what they do.  We approach each project with a fresh eye, designing authentic, custom approaches that are grounded in the fundamentals of research.

Turning Insights Into Action


Data points without context are baseless and unactionable.  Discovery is enabled only when we step outside our day-to-day habits and are open to new inputs.   We invest in observing and collecting context to make research meaningful.


Uncovering the “aha” that will move a business forward requires getting your hands dirty.  New platforms, tools and automation can streamline the process but are never a replacement for critical thinking.  We dig deeper to uncover the underlying stories that trigger understanding.


Creativity lives in the margins…look outside the lines to see things from a new perspective.  We juxtapose opposing ideas to see what fits, what is missing, and what can be ignored before narrowing in on any one path.


Assemble your pack – a team that inspires, motivates, and challenges the status quo.  The science of research dictates a level of immersion and knowledge that are unachievable without a solid team.  We surround ourselves with the people and tools that move ideas forward.

"We have worked with Beagle Insight for over 5 years and they are one of our most trusted research partners! Kathy is very knowledgeable, responsive, and great to work with - she feels like another member of our team! We turn to Beagle with some of our most important projects as we know we can count on them and we appreciate the perspective Kathy brings."
Vice President, Research
Fortune 100 Communications Company
“Thank you for a great job on this!  As always, I love the efficiency of working with you, your thought leadership, excellent reporting and visual appeal.”
Senior Research Analyst
fortune 500 Energy Company

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