Our Expertise

Research is a field of discovery, both an art and a science.  We embrace creative exploration while anchoring each project in the integrity of the research process.  Our clients trust us to deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions to answer their most pressing business questions.

  • Customer satisfaction & brand tracking
  • Product development
  • Messaging & communication optimization
  • Market & audience segmentation

Our Story

When launching the company in 2006, settling on the name was not easy.  We knew it had to be fun and creative; light-hearted, yet illustrative. Alexander & Associates simply would not do.  The name had to reflect our personality and exemplify the core tenants of our business:  trust, integrity, tenacity, friendship, and loyalty.  Our clients benefit from our 25+ years of experience as we observe, explore, dig in and collaborate to answer their research questions. 

It is easy to see that Jax is not a Beagle (he is actually a Chi-Spaniel).  Yet, Jax exemplifies the traits of a solid researcher – and is a fitting companion on a walk through the village or sitting at our desk in the basement hovel.  Most importantly, he reminds us to approach each day with exuberance, that actions speak louder than words, and that loyalty brings great rewards.

Our Team

Kathy Alexander - Founder

Kathy founded Beagle Insight in 2006 as a strategic research consultancy with a focus in the media, entertainment and technology industries. Capitalizing on her broad industry experience over the past 25+ years, her practice is dedicated toward understanding how consumers interact and engage with brands. Always struggling to find the right balance between work and fun, Kathy often blends the two. Good food, a well-crafted cocktail and her passport are always at hand.

Jax - Silent Partner

While not the original inspiration for the Beagle Insight name (rest in peace Zoe), Jax is a constant source of inspiration and motivation. When he is not digging in the garden beds or chasing squirrels, he spends his free time relaxing under my desk, barking at deliveries, or spying on the neighbors.

Jill Lemke - Director

Jill is the central hub of operations and analysis for Beagle. Her decades of expertise and calm demeanor keep projects on track, and her editing skills have allowed her to retain the title of Grammar Queen since 1992. Jill's positive attitude is fueled by Diet Coke, a broadly eclectic playlist, and dark chocolate.

Chloe Alexander - Analyst

Chloe supports our project work with her attention to detail and quick understanding of complex concepts. Her insatiable curiosity and desire to learn more how the world works has led her to study Social Sciences at Michigan State University.

Our Toolbox